Saturday, April 7, 2007


Alright people, as you can obviously see this blog is dying out a lil' at the moment, but there's a reason why that's happening. I'm really busy in my offline life and the forum is on and crackin', taking up alot of my time. If you're looking for good uploads and the possibility to request, I suggest you join us. Leechers get banned pretty damn fast though.

Also, I've started putting some rare videos up on the GayTube, so check my profile out here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ganksta C - Stepchild (1995)

Ganksta C - Stepchild

1995 - Profile Records
Dallas, TX

1. Just Anotha Day
2. 3 Wheel Motion
3. Life of a Thug
4. Murda Spree
5. Dank Got Me Skitsin
6. Intro
7. They Call Me a Murderer
8. Stepchild
9. Big Balls
10. A Nigga That's Crazy
11. Fuck America

[Download here]

Been curious about his Str8 Husla tape from '93 ever since I bought this joint. If anyone has it, hit me up.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Chunk (1986-94)

Chunk - Menace To The Game

1991 - Tandem Records
(originally released 1986 by
Paulstarr Enterprises)
East Menlo Park Palo Alto, CA

1. Easy Way To Flow
2. Criminal Lyrics
3. This Is How It's Done
4. Act Right
5. Menace to the Game
6. Black Man Homocide
7. Dirty Hoes Don't Get Chose
8. Funklab Freestyle
9. Treat Em Like They Act

[Download here]

Chunk - Chunk II - Still The Menace

1992 - Tandem Records
East Menlo Park Palo Alto, CA

1. What Waz I To Do?
2. Niggaz That I Eat
3. Talkin On A Bitch
4. Party In The Morgue
5. United We Stand
6. Janky Hoes
7. Hoe I Wanna Poke Ya
8. H.B. Street
9. Gankers
10. Suckaz
11. On The Way To Heaven
12. What Waz I To Do (Radio Playable Edit)
13. What Waz I To Do (Instrumental)
14. On The Way To Heaven (Radio Playable Edit)
15. On The Way To Heaven (Instrumental)

[Download here]

Chunk - Marked For Death

1992 - Tandem Records
East Menlo Park Palo Alto, CA

1. Small Town Cemetery
2. Hide Your Face
3. Something For The Bub
4. Niggaz Get Smoked
5. Mickeys
6. Silence On The Air
7. Marked For Death
8. Money Comes Fast
9. Something To Fien For
10. Dying Black Race
11. Be My Girl
12. Hip Hop Thugsta
13. Live And Die In E.P.A.
14. Gansgta Call
15. Money Comes Fast (Radio Edit)
16. Money Comes Fast (Instrumental)
17. Dying Black Race (Radio Edit)
18. Dying Black Race (Instrumental)

[Download here]

Chunk - Break 'Em Off A Chunk

1994 - Murder One Records
East Menlo Park Palo Alto, CA

1. Straight Murderin'
2. Hoo Ride
3. Ain't No Love
4. It's On Like That
5. The Game Don't Last
6. Break 'Em Off A Chunk
7. 187 Skills
8. Serving Mutha Fucka's
9. Devil Try To Do Me
10. You Gets Done
11. Watch Out For The Set Up
12. Get Off On Them

[Download here]

This is my absolute favorite outta East Palo Alto. Chunk's lyrics were straight up gangsta from the start. I really prefer the older sound that he made when hangin' with C-Funk, rather than when Sean T produced Break 'Em Off A Chunk. I haven't actually listened to any of his newer shit. I fear it will ruin my opinion. I heard an album called Dead Presidents from '96 and that already did it for me. The cover of his 2001 release looked fucked up, I can't even remember the album title right now. Anyways, these albums I posted here are all straight up gangsta and definately make Chunk a rapper you gotta recognize... I'm out 2 stoages!

Smoke - Come And Get Me (1994)

Smoke - Come And Get Me

1994 - II Fa 30 Records
East Palo Alto, CA

1. Intro (Smoke's In Yo Hood)
2. 5150
3. Come And Get Me
4. Murder Capitol
5. Baby Gangsta
6. Sic Shit
7. Feva N Da Funkhouse

[Download here]

This was my first album outta E.P.A. and got me started on the shit from there. Now I just love the rap coming from the so-called murder capital...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

C.M.P. - A Southern Point Of View (1995)

Causing Much Pain - A Southern Point Of View

1995 - Ichiban Records
Atlanta, GA

1. Smoke On
2. Kicking It
3. Ballin'
4. Let's Get Loaded
5. Playaz From The South
6. All Night
7. Mr. Weedman
8. A-Town Funk
9. The Bad Way Out
10. Lookin' 4 A Way Out
11. Smoke On For '95
12. Ballin' (Video Version)
13. Strictly For My Niggas
14. Shout Out

[Download here]

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Young "D" Boyz - Straight Game (1995)

Young "D" Boyz - Straight Game

1995 - River-T Records
Vallajo, CA

1. Sellin' Cocaine As Usual (New Remix)
2. My Bitch Is My Money
3. Game Tight
4. It Don't Stop
5. Keep On Poppin' On The Dope Track
6. 32 Bars In The Mac Game
7. Mr. Chronic
8. Mac God
9. Younga Dayz
10. Young "D" Boyz
11. This Is My Reality
12. Much Love

[Download here]

This is their LP following their EP Sellin' Cocaine As Usual from 1994, also released on River-T Records. A rather smooth Vallajo release with some calm beats which features alot of good tracks such as "Young D Boyz", "This Is My Reality" and ofcourse "Sellin' Cocaine As Usual".

Monday, February 26, 2007

P.K.O. - Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia (1994)

Pound Ki's Ozees - Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia

1994 - Youngsta Records
San Antonio, TX

1. Shoot 'Em Up
2. Niggaz In The Hood
3. Havin' Thangz
4. Gonna Be Alright
5. Lick Shot
6. X Marks Da Spot
7. Redrum
9. Girls Best Friend
10. Nino (Rox-2-Riches Pt. 2)
11. Old School
12. All Day Sunday
13. San Antonio Ain't Shit Like Compton

[Download here]

I just love the track San Antonio Ain't Shit Like Compton on this joint, which is an answer to DJ Quik's track Jus Lyke Compton on his '92 album Way 2 Fonky released on Profile Records. The track claimed that citys like San Antonio, Oakland, St. Louis and Denver were imitating Compton, which set off quite some beef. Another good answer to Quik's track was recorded by the Denver rap group Fuck Yo Punk Ass on their '94 album D.K. All Day. Worth checking out...